~Shoku pan~

Shoku pan ( Japanese milk bread) is a huge hit that everyone is talking about in the UK right now! But why people are so fuss about this ordinary look white loaf? Well, you can only tell when you taste it. I warn you though, once you have this loaf, there is no going back.

At this lesson, you are going to make one loaf of shoku pan each and take it home.

Once you know how to make shoku pan, you might also want to know how to enjoy this loaf in the best possible ways. So we are going to make two unique Japanese "sando"( sandwich), one is Katsu sando and the other is Fruit sando and you are going to taste these for lunch.

"Katsu sando" Between two sliced and toasted shoku pan, there is a deep fried pork loin with bread crumbs( ton-katsu),cabbage and Japanese brown sauce.
"Fruit sando" Between two sliced shoku pan, there are some fruits and cream in. This is a sweet sandwich, you can have it as a dessert.

Lunch will be served with your own made katsu sando and fruit sando. Fresh coffee or tea will be served through out.
You are taking rest of your own bread home.

If the attendee is under 16 years old, please let me know the age of this person at the booking.
This lesson is available for everyone from age 12.
Under 16 year old has to be attended with a paid adult