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Born and raised in Kyoto, the roots of my great love for food and cooking come from my mother, my grandmother - and my dad's former bakery: “Petit Roll”.

Back in the day, my mother always made enough food for us to share with the neighbours as well. All of them loved her food, and I immediately noticed that sharing food brought people together.

In return, some neighbours began bringing seasonal vegetables they had harvested from their allotments, and others brought fish they had caught. And, of course... using these fresh ingredients, my mother then prepared even more delicious meals!

Sharing made everyone happy, and that's what I remember just as clearly as my mum's delicious home cooking.

For me, running cookery classes now means sharing those exact moments. I love interacting with people. So, considering my passion for cooking, this was the obvious choice.

Some of the recipes I’m sharing have been passed down through multiple generations of my family, including my dad’s incredible bread baking skills.

I love nothing more than being able to share this great heritage, experiencing the same joyous moments with others now.

My purpose-built kitchen presents a welcoming creative space that is both, spacious & bright.

In order to guarantee a truly engaging cooking experience, classes are limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Upon request, the space can also be booked for larger team-building workshops if required.

Madoka’s Kitchen is situated in the heart of Medway. It can be easily reached via public bus lines, and free street parking can always be found nearby as well.

Petit Roll is a registered and insured business with a very good food hygiene rating of 5.

Japanese food tutor in her kitchen

"I love seeing people's excitement when they make their first loaf of bread or when they make a beautiful sushi roll for the very first time. The joy and excitement that people experience in my kitchen brings me great happiness!"

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